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Interior visor repairs - stopping the flopping

Bob Stein

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Has anyone worked out a good repair method for the sun visor arms?  Mine both fall down unless they are pushed up high against the headliner. Would inserting spacers (have the idea that washers could be split and bent around the shaft) provide more tension to the spring?


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I had no luck repairing the old visor arm, but found a really nice-looking visor arm on eBay and ordered it.  It came in today, but when I compared it to the original, it was obviously for the opposite side! I wrote back to the seller to inform him that the arm had been mismarked, and immediately AFTER I sent that took a closer look at the new part and discovered 'LH' clearly stamped in the metal. I had to clean the back of the old bracket a bit, but sure enough it was marked 'RH'.  The visors had been switched 27 years ago when the interior was redone and nobody had caught the error until now.  After a hasty note of apology back to the seller, I painted the base the correct Packard Blue and was able to install it tonight.  I have a request in to the seller for a right hand bracket, but have cleaned up and painted the incorrectly installed one in hopes that it might work OK on the correct side. If not, I can keep the one in place since it is working, if slightly off. The mysteries of old cars!



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