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Walley, Padgett, et al,

Here's something wierd. She started hollaring at me to change the brake pads (front) so I eventually did, right. The day before I went to the mech, the yellow "Anti-Lock" brake light started coming on for about a second every time I hit the brake.

Okay, P A N I C !!!!!!, right?

I rushed her in the next morning, calling the mech from the corner and waited over 9hrs for the work to get done (minus 2hrs I spent searching for ceramic pads mad.gif ). Hey, this is not his fault. I always call first and he tells me when to come in. Popping in with a, "I can't wait" attitude just puts you in the waiting line behind an engine replacement, a bad clutch, oil gasket change on a Lincoln, and two other brake jobs.

Anyway, unlike I usually do, this time I didn't add brake fluid to the MC when the fluid went down. He said that's what caused the warning light and I said BULL! Wound up calling him back 10 minutes out of the shop and apoligizing for my ignorance and second guessing him, only to be laughed at! mad.gif It stopped coming on! shocked.gif

Does this make any since to you Padgett, Wally, Others?

Furthermore, GM typically shares parts on production cars. Does anyone know what other years/cars share the Reatta brake calipers? In other words... I need to know who else wears our pads so that I can get ceramics. If I find a manufacturer for the Reatta, I'll let everyone know.

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One of the first checks at key on is for low pressure/low fluid and it appears to trigger a code 61 fault. Anytime you have a yellow light, the fault codes need to be dumped.

To do this you need to follow the proceedure for dumping the codes

- remove cover over ALDL (says "do not remove")

- jumper pins a-g

- turn key to "run"

- abs light on for four seconds then off means no codes are stored

- if codes stored, after four seconds will flash count for first digit

then will go off for three seconds then flash second digit

- when done the lamp will remain on (last on is not a flash)

- momentarily remove and reconnect jumper for second code if more than one. Do not turn key off or will reset.

- once all codes are read the codes my be cleared by driving the car over 18 mph.

See section 5E1-8 in the 88 FSM for more details.

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Interesting! I no longer have FSM for 88, 89 or 90, can't read.

The 1st time I manually flushed the brake system on an 89 I inadvertantly let the fluid level drop until I heard a sucking sound.( was bleeding a rear w/ pump pressure) (wife was helping, blamed it on her, who else!)

I would think a level that low should have set a code 61 however all worked normally when I finished, no light.

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probably not your yellow light problem but cleaning all of the contact pins and recevers on the [dash] mounted brake module, it fixed my yellow light coming on intermitantly. This is one of the three that hang in the middle of the firewall under the hood...............ken

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