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WTB Dynamo driver coupling 1928 big 6


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I’m looking for a source for the aluminium drive coupling plus the rubber insert, used on the 1928 big 6 engine.


the rubber had disintegrated and broke the aluminium coupling.


the pic of the good coupling is from another engine . 


any leads appreciated






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There was a thread on this previously and the poster suggested a coupling sold by McMaster Carr that he was able to use.Then I noticed that you use the term "dynamo" so you must be overseas.

I will try to find the old post.

Here it is:


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I also used a Lovejoy coupling. the only other thing I had to do is to install 3 shims of the same sickness under each mounting bolt because the coupling was about .1" thicker overall. It works great. I run my 27 EW every time I get the chance. No one can tell unless they look for it.

enjoy the drive!!

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