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can someone tell me about this Tag on this 10 bolt rear?


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i have a 10 bolt rear differential showing a tag that reads 43/14.  i got this rear from a lady friend who's husband past and was a 1950's- 1960's lincoln and cadillac car collector.  Would this rear axle possibly be from a cadillac or lincoln.  im thinking about this to be from a 1957 lincoln?  what does the 43/14 tag stand for?  thank you for any knowledge that can be shared.  







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Jack is correct

the two numbers represent the number of teeth on the gears :

14 teeth on the Pinion (smaller) Gear, driving the Ring Gear and turning in the same direction as the Drive shaft and typically the engine and transmission

43 teeth on the Ring (larger) Gear, driven by the pinion gear and turning in the same direction as the axle


Simple math tells us 43/14 = 3.0714285,

or more simply stated, 

a 3.07 ratio differential,

so assuming a 1:1 ratio from the engine through the transmission, and no overdrive ratio in use,

the engine turns 3.07 times for every turn of the rear wheel(s)


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The 1957 Cadillac Series 62 used the 3.07:1 Ratio, but the 60 and 75 Series used a 3.36:1 Ratio, at least as a standard ratio, per the Classic Car Data Base.

A 1957 Lincoln Capri Series (as well as the Premier and Continental Series) could indeed have had a 3.07:1 Differential Ratio,

as per this link:




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  1957 Lincoln Capri Series Know your VIN?
  Sedan Get your instaVIN
  Standard Specifications Vehicle History Report!
      Show Summary  
Original Base Price $4,339.00  
No. Produced 5,139  
Body Maker Lincoln  
No. Doors 4  
Model Number 58B  
Wheelbase 126 inches  
Length 224.6 inches  
Width 80.3 inches  
Height 61.2 inches  
Front Tread 58.5 inches  
Rear Tread 60 inches  
Type V8, Valve-in-head  
Displacement 367.57 cu. in.  
Cylinders 8  
Bore & Stroke 4 & 3 21/32 inches  
Compression Ratio-Std 10.0 to 1  
Compression Ratio-Opt Not applicable  
Brake Horsepower 300@4800  
Rated Horsepower 51.2  
Torque 415@3000  
Main Bearings 5  
Valve Lifters Hydraulic  
Block Material    
Engine Numbers Same as VIN/Serial number.  
Engine No. Location On left front door hinge post below upper hinge opening.  
Lubrication Pressure to all bearings excluding wrist pin  
Type Downdraft 4-barrel  
Make Carter  
Type Turbo Drive  
Drive Rear wheel drive  
No. Of Gears 3  
Gear Ratios  
1st Not applicable  
2nd Not applicable  
3rd Not applicable  
4th Not applicable  
5th Not applicable  
Reverse Not applicable  
Clutch Type Not applicable  
Clutch Size    
Axle Type Semifloating  
Differential Hypoid  
Differential Ratio 3.07 to 1  
Front Independent ball joint with coil springs  
Rear Longitudinal leaf spring  
Steering Gear Integral power  
Service 4 wheel hydraulic drum  
Front Size 12 inches  
Rear Size 12 inches  
Emergency Rear service brakes  
Size 12 inches  
Other Systems Specifications  
Exhaust System Dual  
Ignition System Distributor and coil  
Battery 12 volt storage battery  
Cooling System Centrifugal pump with thermostat  
Radiator Corrugated fin and tube  
Fuel Type Premium  
Wheels, Rims & Tires  
Wheel Type    
Wheel Mfr    
Wheel Size    
Tire Type    
Tire Size 8 x 15  
Spare Location Trunk  
Fuel 20 Gallons  
Oil 5 Quarts  
Transmission 22 2/3 Pints  
Cooling System 23 Quarts  
Rear Differential 4 Pints  
Front Differential Not applicable  
Transfer Case Not applicable  
Classic Rating Not Rated  
VIN/Serial no. 57WA5001L to 57WA43262L  
VIN Description
VIN Location    
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Specific Vehicle History
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Additional Information    

The Production Figure Book for U.S. Cars Jerry Heasley Horseless Carriage Foundation
8186 Center St. Suite F P.O. Box 4119
La Mesa CA 91944-4119
(619) 464-0301
Serial No. Book for US Cars 1900-1975 G. Brigham Horseless Carriage Foundation
Motor Age February 1957 Horseless Carriage Foundation
Motor Age November 1956 Horseless Carriage Foundation
Motor Age April 1957 Horseless Carriage Foundation
Exterior Colors  
Paint Type Enamel  
Colors Taos Turquoise
  Desert Buff
  Starmist White
  Huntsman Red
  Saturn Gold
  Seascape Blue
  Horizon Blue
  Ivy Green Metallic
  Willow Green
  Bermuda Coral
  Cinnamon Metallic
  Vermont Green Metallic
  Oxford Gray Metallic
  Gainsborough Blue Metallic
  Dubonnet Metallic
  All colors may not be available in all models.
Standard/Optional Equipment
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10 minutes ago, harvest said:

Marty, thank u

so much for all the info.  thank you members for this great site to learn and share.  


 There are a great many folks here with a huge amount of experience to share,

we continue to learn from one another,

and sometimes even dispel rumors, assumptions, and Old-Wives' tales

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