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Mystery Tool in My Garage - Any Ideas?

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I have this mystery (to me) item hanging in my garage and can't figure out what it is. I have a few ideas what it could be used for (Whomper, Billy-club, attitude adjuster) but I am pretty sure it has another purpose. That is where you, the AACA experts, come in. 


The item you see in the pictures is essentially a 36" long pipe made of 3 individual sections of aluminum tubing or pipe threaded together. The OD is 1 inch. On one end there is a small threaded cap about a 1 ¼”  long. The threaded cap has a small hole drilled in it's the end so it is not meant to be water or air tight.


The main body or center portion is about 30" long with male threads on one end and female threads on the other. 

The third section is about 5" long. The 5" section has 4 small holes cross drilled near it's the end. I threaded a zip-tie through two of the holes in order to hang the pipe up. The 5" section is filled with about 30 steel rods maybe 3/16" diameter. One end of the rod bundle is captured inside the 5" section of tubing with two set screws.  On the opposite end, the steel rods are left unbound and flap in the breeze. 


There is a number (T91001393) stamped on one end. I have Googled that number many times with no joy. I also submitted the images for a Google reverse image search. No luck there, either. There are no other markings, trademarks, logos or numbers anywhere. 

The only thing that even remotely comes to mind is a very short oxygen lance or "burning bar". Most oxygen lances have a bunch of small rods packed inside of a larger rod and are usually about 10 feet long. Lances also have a pipe thread on one end to hook up to your oxygen tank and valve. I suspect this is not a lance.  Anybody want to guess?





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I've seen shorter and much stouter versions of that to clean and peen nickel welds in big castiron pump housings. Along those lines,if you were rebuilding one of those early Continental engines that did not have a removable head,you had it laying up-side-down on the work bench and the combustion chamber was all carboned up down in there,I suspect you would need a tool something like that to knock the carbon loose so you could dump it out. Just guessing.

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