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Spotted Around Palm Springs Today


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Another beautiful day here in the desert and a decent day for car-spotting.


At the hardware store a ca.1971 Dodge Custom 1/2 ton. Clean as a whistle inside and out.





At a local service station a ca. late 50's-early '60's Morgan in for repair.




Middle of downtown... Woah, what's this sitting all alone in a back parking lot?



It's a lonesome 1938 LaSalle!



In traffic on Gene Autry Trail a 1965 Corvette.




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20 minutes ago, capngrog said:

I hope you kept your 6ft. "social" distance from those vehicles.:D




And that they didn't spray you with any airborne fluids!


I've really come to like '70's era Dodge pickups. I saw a Dodge 4 x 4 of that era - all original, including paint and patina, but no rust. It was great. I'd like to have that '71 from California even more.

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