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E&J All Brass Carbide Carbide generator

Alec burns

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Hello everyone. I don’t have any antique cars at the moment, but I just recently acquired this E&J All Brass Carbide generator. Has a few small cracks, has basket inside with thumb screws, missing bottom bracket. I am not selling at the moment but am open to trades (apologies if not allowed)


If you’re close to Northern Colorado, I am looking  for antique cars/motorcycles (pre-1960) or antique bicycles (pre-1950).


If you’re not, I’m looking for Antique Desk Fans (pre-1920), antique lighting, antique signs, 1880s-1900s electrical items or militaria (pre-1950) of equal value.


Send me a PM with photos if you have anything like this to trade. Cheers everyone!





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