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1936 Plymouth front spring issue !


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Putting my '36 Plymouth coupe back together..  BUT  there is something wrong with the front springs.  one is 1" shorter than the other.


The driver side does have the rear shackle bracket with the springs to soften bumps feeding to the steering wheel.   


The passenger side  (the shorter side ) goes together fine but the driver side spring is too long and is not allowing the fender to be added since the front spring  the shackle is hitting the bottom of the fender.


What have I done wrong?



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some pictures! 


The first pic shows the passenger side, the fender is completely mounted and the shackle has 3/4 clearance to the fender.  this spring measures 38.5 inches


The second picture shows the driver side and you can see the shackle is hitting the fender and I can't get the fender to bolt to the grill shell.  this spring measures 39.5 inches


The third picture shows the drivers front of the spring, the shackle is close to being 45 degrees, where the pass side is near vertical.


The fourth picture shows the rear of the drivers spring and the shock eliminator (which I have tightened completely to try and draw the spring rearward...)


SAM_3059.thumb.JPG.a85c2c0d72a16a6358113618cff5991c.JPGSAM_3060.thumb.JPG.c6368e3f059173f4deefcd388bc2b0a2.JPGSAM_3063.thumb.JPG.3be3d0e9c42d6bb9c54a4808d30d3900.JPG2.gif (7565 bytes) this is a pic of the shock eliminator that is on the rear of the left spring...

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According to the spring chart, I have a wrong spring!  (the chart is great! )   


I noticed the differences when cleaning the springs, and "assumed" that sometime in the past 84 years that someone had found the correct spring, but as it goes with these cars they found a spring "that worked".


Now I gotta find a 1936 Plymouth spring!  or at least the main spring, or have one made...  anybody got one!?


the right springSAM_3065.thumb.JPG.c8523fede82768d5c594bf76ef710ca8.JPG

the left spring




On closer look at the chart I may have a spring from a car with fenderwells, hence the inch difference !?  and as far as I can tell this coupe never had fender wells...as far as I can tell...




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