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1937 zephyr engine braces


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Getting ready to pull engine and was looking at engine braces that hold engine in position on mounts. Have these been installed correctly in the past? Should they be as is, under the engine mounting foot or should they be on top of the foot? Almost seems engine is propped up too high, putting back of engine close to firewall.

pulling 37 zephyr engine 009.jpg

pulling 37 zephyr engine 004.jpg

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Can those engine stabilizer  rods be rolled over 180", may have angle at  front end so the engine end  sits on top of engine mount. Seems logical to have weight of motor sitting direct on rubber donut with rod on top. May drop motor down though.  At the end of day may not matter as long as the water pump spout  or something doesn't hit front cross member.   38 LZ onward don't have them, have a stronger front engine mount and different stronger  rear gear box mounting.   Go Home, Stay home, Self Isolate. 

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Thanks guys for the input. One other 37 owner, who I talked to went to his garage and also said his rods are under the engine mount just as in DizzyDales pic. So I guess that's where they are although it looks strange to me. They must have made a mistake on the assembly line, yah that's it, they made a mistake. OK, back to my closet while I self isolate.

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