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'51 Straight 8 oil pump cleaning

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Now that you have the pan and the pump down, it is a good time to do two things.

1. Flatten the pan flange where the bolts go thru. This makes the gasket do a better job, and greatly reduces the amount of RTV you will need. See Olsen's gaskets for a new one.2.

2.  Emory down the bottom plate (aluminum) till the leaking passages we know are there JUST disappear.  I used 60  then 80 grit on mine and a THIN layer of Prematex #2 round the edge.

A  picture of mine with just a kiss on the belt sander to highlight the leaking areas which show up dark round the edge.

The standard rule for Buick pumps is no more than .005" between the gears and the bottom plate. Mine measures .0035 with "Plastigage" bearing checker wax, and I get 40 psi at a hot idle.



Question, how was your oil pressure before the tear down ?

If it was low, real low, you could add a 1/4" nut behind the pressure relief spring. An old used car lot trick we used to do.



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