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Simple Search

1. Enter text in the search box found in the top-right corner and click enter or return key on your keyboard.


Search Tips:



GOOD SEARCH:  "Dodge spark plugs",

BAD SEARCH: "whats the best spark plugs for a 1929 dodge panel truck?"



You quotation marks to narrow your search. Example: Enter "headlight switch" (including the quote marks) and your search will only find posts that have the words headlight  AND switch together.



Go into the forum you wish to search then click the magnifying glass in search (top right) and check "This Forum".


Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.17.48 PM.png



Advanced Search

1. Click "Search" in the menu bar. The advanced search pane that opens up.




For a content search, there are five selections: Content Type, Find results in..., Find results that contain..., Date Created, and Last Updated. The last four should be self-explanatory.

When you select a Content Type other than the default 'All Content,' another pane opens up that allows you to specify where you wish to search.


Note that you are not limited to selecting just a single forum. Click your first selection and while holding down the Command key (on a Mac), click on one or more further selections to highlight them. On a PC, I believe you would use the Ctrl key. 

I've not included the search term field in my screenshots, but the final step is to enter your search word or search string in the search term field at the top of the pane and then click the back 'Search Content' button at the bottom RH corner of the pane.




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