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WTB 1936 Roadmaster parts

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Want to Buy- Looking for poor condition parts for a 1936 Buick Roadmaster. Stainless trim, trunk ornament, tail lights. Also need poor condition 16" rims and old period correct tires.  Rims to be 5 on 5.5" with minimum 3 3/4 " hub hole. Parts to be used on a yard art car so condition is no big deal.  Let me know what you might have. 

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Don't know if this would be any help but I have a set of those 17" 33 Buick big spoke artillery wheels,four rims have tires,two different sizes and three different brands. A couple of them might hold air but they would look okay. Also have a 36 roadmaster LF welled fender.  Holler if interested.

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Thanks @sagefinds , the post you have offering them here came up when I googled for 36 Buick rims the other day A bit more than I'm hoping to spend especially if the have to be shipped. Hoping to find some junkers for pretty cheap. Thanks for your response though.

Here’s what I’m wanting them for



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3 hours ago, Vince76 said:

I have some 36 Olds rims that look like the one on the front of that car.


Pretty sure Oldsmobiles were 5 inch bolt circles but if they're close maybe you could possibly just measure the center hole and bolt pattern.  Needs  to be 5 on 5.5" with minimum 3 3/4 " hub hole.


5 lug bolt pattern measurement diagram

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