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Information 1910 Kenmore Auto Mecum Auction

just me

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Anyone know the whereabouts of the 1910 Kenmore air cooled 2 cylinder roadster that Mecum sold at their Phoenix Arizona March 14-16-2019 auction? 


My friend Dave purchased the remains of a two cylinder water cooled Kenmore. He'd like to contact the current owner for some detailed photos. 


Thought I'd try here prior to contacting Mecum. 


Thanks in advance





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If you can find an archived sale result at Mecum you could contact the company who MIGHT contact the owner on your behalf and give the owner your information.

They would not be at liberty to divulge any buyer information to you.

Here is the result of that car so I think you're in luck.

(You may have to create an account to view but all it requires is an email address)



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