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1930 Franklin Model 145 door straps & cowling lacing

George Plarre

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www.restoration stuff.com and http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ for the cowl lacing and maybe the wire shielding for headlamps


Rhode Island Wire maybe for the the wire shielding for headlamps


Steele Rubber or Metro Molded Rubber for the door check straps. 

I will give to some advice to a non-Franklin I did and that advise is the real expensive straps that had the metal reinforcing in the rubber worked far better than the cheap ones I initially bought that tended "bunch up" and then tear all the door screws loose - matched to you have to really spend some time to make sure they do not get help up on any nails and slide through the openings freely. 


A couple other people here should have really good experience as to these parts and may have different sources that may be better. 



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