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New 1933 Buick 57

Chuck S

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Hello all,

I recently became the proud owner of a 33 Buick 57. Either that or I have just become owned by a 33 Buick, I digress.


In either case, I'm lucky enough to have found a mostly unmolested barn find with little rust and little remaining interior, which I am in the process of upholstering currently.


The one thing that has been messed with between the barn and my purchase of the car is that someone removed the rear and replaced it with one from a late 50's Oldsmobile. I think they got to the part where they didn't know how to make the driveshaft work and gave up. The replacement rear also has hydraulic brakes and the wrong bolt pattern for the rims.


I am in desperate need of a torque tube rear that will fit this car and hoping someone will be able to help me find one. I have the Chilton cross reference and will be posting more details in the parts section soon.


Last but not least, I wish everyone well in these tough times. 


Be well,


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On 4/14/2020 at 7:08 AM, HrodgarSWE said:

Aw yes. More -33 '57s! I am the scared and proud inheriter of my Fathers -33 and honestly, it's a battle for me. But a happy battle. At least I got it just as it more or less was completed after a 20 year long renovation! 


Hi all, sorry i hadn't realized I had replies!


Hrodger, at first glance I'd have to say our cars are twins! I hope someday mine will look as proud as yours. Although I went into this fearless, I can say I understand your fears. Upon discovering the lack of available parts as well as discovering the lack of Buick interchangeability for these years, well let's just call it an opportunity to exercise ones creativity. Please keep in touch and I'd be interested in a health report on your exhaust manifold. Mine appears to be terminal...






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