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supercharging my 455 skylark i neeeeeeed help


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ok here is the story, my roommate got a lightning and now he is running just a little too close for comfort. where can i get an

intake manifold and a 6-71 or 8-71 blower for my car. also what else will i need to get this project rolling?

my engine is a 72 455 w/ forged 9.0 to 1 pistons, a fairly healthy k.b. cam around 500 lift, stock heads, ta shorty headers w/ 3 inch exh

b4b and 750 carb ( not like that will matter soon)

is this combo ideal for a blower or will i need a diff engine. a completely stock (8.5 comp) one maybe??

please help

thanks alot

robert petrone

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You could probably run 4-5 pounds of boost with that compression ratio. Luckily you already have forged pistons. The only wild card is your bottom end and the oiling system.

I would talk to the TA Performance techs, they have seen it all.

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