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Exhaust Hanger Brackets 5292- Center Crossmember


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On 3/25/2020 at 11:13 PM, 40ZephSedan said:

Does anyone know of a source for the rubber only on the center crossmember exhaust hanger brackets (#5292-A)?  Two new rubber/metal assemblies are fairly expensive; I have the metal if I can just buy the 2 rubber isolators separately.



I’ve had NOS ones and they will separate, probably because they are now 80 years old. I put NOS ones on my 39 and they lasted no time before they came apart. I clamped them back together and welded a piece of steel to tie the pieces together. I know it kinda defeats the purpose of the rubber but at least they still holding up. The originals were vulcanized and I know of no one that can redo them. Same with the muffler bracket.  Had a nos one and it let go first.  

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Appreciate the feedback. Does not seem like just the rubber is available separately.  If they were vulcanized originally, just the rubber would not help much. Wasn't sure if the buttons were made oversized when new and were just forced into the holes.  Will have to ponder what's next, if it is worth trying to fabricate from bulk rubber and try to adhere. Thx!


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