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Here is a beautiful available to you at a very low price.

Clean California title registered through January

Excellent paint not new no dings, scratches looks very nice.  Not a garage queen.

New Custom paint original white.

Renewed interior leather

New radial white wall tire.

very nice factory wire hub caps.

Fully Loaded, all options for 1982

Runs and drives very well

a/c needs to be serviced compressor not frozen

New shock absorbers

V/8 engine with turbo hydro transmission.

White and Burgundy pleaded upholstery

I can assist with your trucker to for convenient pickup












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I'm looking at it too,

wife isn't crazy about anything so new for her,

and she's concerned for the Non-Functioning A/C for a drive back from California to New Orleans-

especially with the VIRUS situation,

and if it is more than leaky hoses,

or a bad compressor/ condenser-

the  evaporator in this car, as I understand, is a bear to change , and very labor-intensive---

and we really need A/C here in New Orleans

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1 hour ago, Carbuff2 said:

I generally ship my car purchases.  Thanks for your interest. or have the a/c serviced, it complete without anything missing or removed


Do you know what is wrong with the A/C?

Is it mire than a "Evacuate and recharge"?

When was the A/C last properly functioning?


Is the A/C still R-12,

or has it been converted to R-134A ?


Which V-8 engine is this?



Does it have the the 8,6,4 capacity?

How many miles on the car?

Does the top operate electrically without issue?

Any other items for buyer to be aware for daily driver use?

Where in California are you/the car located?


Thank you for your responses



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5 hours ago, Larry Schramm said:

Not 8-6-4. Buick never had the Cadillac engine.


Thanks Larry,


I spoke with the seller who has had the car for about 6 months. Prior to that it was inop for perhaps ten years.

Considering the lack of knowing why the A/C doesn't work - important to me and Dale, and with more than 2,000 miles distance,

I'm probably not going to pursue at this time-

The seller seems like a decent person.

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I received a message to contact someone about the car last night. I can't find the message please resend with your contact info. Thank you Paul 

This person included his phone/text number but it was 2:00 am when i read it so I closed the file, now unable to locate to respond he also asked

for pictures with the top down. to be posted later today. Paul 559 355-3551 text/cell or email 65skyriv19@att.net

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