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Seeking this custom body, removed from 1913 Lozier


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In 1913, a Lozier Briarcliff chassis was purchased, and its Massachusetts buyer designed this unusual body and had it fabricated.






A very short windshield, no doors, and the spaces alongside the single rear seat were originally occupied by custom-fitted luggage.


The car was purchased by Rod Blood in the early 1940s, and by 1954, later owner Richard Shreve altered the rear seat, and softened the "pickup bed" lines in the rear of the body.  




The car participated in the 1954 Anglo-American Rally in this shape.  In 1959, AACA member Don Harter purchased it, still in this condition.  He removed the body and had a new, authentic Briarcliff body constructed, turning the car into the magnificent example it is today.


But Harter did not discard the original body.  At some point it passed through the hands of an east coast broker, and today its whereabouts are unknown.  I'm helping the current owner in his diligent search to locate this body, and bring it back into the same stable as the chassis it originally occupied.


If you've ever even caught a glimpse of this body in the last 60 years, please contact me with a private message, or with an email to


KELFY   at   yahoo com


Any recollection at all will help to fill in the path of this wandering body and guide us to its present day resting place.


Kelly Williams

Mount Joy, PA

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