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Delco Generator Parts


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I am looking for some obsolete Delco generator parts for a 1931 car.  Does anyone have:

  • Delco part number 1837650 armature
  • Delco part number 19027 and 19028 Field coils

Secondly, I believe that delco changed part number format in the mid 30's to go to seven digit numbers, does anyone have part number crosses for the 19027 and 19028 field coils?


If I can't locate the parts listed above, I would consider buying an entire generator for parts.  Does anyone have a spare generator of the following part numbers:

  • 927-L
  • 927-F
  • 927-J
  • 927-D
  • 927-E
  • 927-K

Thanks in advance for your help!  

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I have a 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43,  which takes the 927-L generator.   I had access to a Delco book that only went back to 1931, that is where the individual part numbers and possible parts generator part numbers came from.

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I have a set of new hand wound field coils on the shelf last time I checked. I probably have a good used generator, and possibly a good used armature. I would have to look. It took no less than seven suppliers to finally find someone willing to make the coils........twenty years ago I could have found ten people five miles from my house. Very few people are doing it today, and all I remember was it was fantastically expensive. PM me your direct email. Ed

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If you cannot find the armature and field coils or if you do find them but want spares for the future contact International Winding Co in Chicago IL 1-800-323-7521 they will rewind the armature and hand wind a new set of field coils. I have been using them for years. 



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I was able to find a used, same model, generator with a good armature and field coils.

The only thing  now needed to have a functioning spare or second generator is a Delco part number 807180 Thermostat Resistance.   Might you or anyone else have this part?



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