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porcelain german or? plate , bmw or volkswagon connection,


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Hello, all I really would like some expertise on this old porcelain plate as I do not  sell it to cheap. It measures just shy of 3 1/4 " x 6 3/4" .it has a slight concave on reverse and is hallmarked GLADIATOR . it weighs about a half pound and is porcelain on iron type plate. I have posted on collectors weekly and a couple folks say possibly was a bmw or volkswagon item, as the Germans had labor forces to work on these vehicles. well I really hope someone will Identify this and its use , Oh and its states " to promote public health we strongly request not to spit in the wagon," Thanks ahead if any response , 

20200324_173143 (1).jpg



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My guess would be a streetcar or  railroad item originally screwed to the inside wall or door of a tram or third class carriage. Maybe some German railroad memorabilia collectors could give more detail.


It may be a generic item sold to a lot of different companies by the Gladiator sign company, as it does not have the name of the railroad or transit company on it.

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