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Not mine but I saw this fuel tank on eBay, someone filled in the normal area the fuel gauge would be and relocated a sending unit.  Seems it’s for a late 20’s Buick.


just thought I’d share should someone be looking....



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It looks like a 28 standard. That is the location of the "sending unit." The fuel gauge is on the dash which is nice when it works. Otherwise it's the same as 27 and earlier. Ya gotta get out and look. I use a dipstick. ;):)



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Posted (edited)

We built a new gas tank for our 27 Standard because we couldn’t find a used one.  Glad we did so 🤞🏼 We never have to worry about replacing it again!  It’s coated inside and out and all brand new!  

Well “mostly brand new”, we reused the necks!



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