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What is this unusual wheel?

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Firestone Air Balloon wheels probably for a Ford. Firestone and others brought out new super balloon tires in 1933 and 1934. Outside diameter the same as conventional 17" tires of the time, but wheels were 15" or smaller and tires much fatter. They were offered as an accessory or option on various cars for a short time, 2 or 3 years I think. Some people used them for years, getting their old tires recapped when new replacements were not available.


Similar tires were offered by other companies like Goodyear Air Wheel and General Jumbo. Goodrich had them too.

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32 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

What is the bolt pattern dimension?

Same as a Ford. 5 on 5 1/2" I am leaning towards a firestone, but never seen anything looking like this.  I do not know if the hubcaps were with the wheel or just happen to fit it. 

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You might find a manufactures name or trademark logo on the inside of the rim.  Almost always the size is also stamped in and sometimes a part number as well . The surface where the tube usually contacts.


Greg in Canada

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Yes those are the same ones.  My friend who has them is not a member on here as he does not restore cars.  I am used to seeing the Artillary Firestone wheels like my clarks.  In fact the split rings on my wheels are stamped Firestone.  He could not find any manufactures mark.  Mainly looking to represent them correctly if he sells them.

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