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I have the engine apart for my 1935 Airstream C-6 - 242 engine.  The oil pump is marginal so i would like to replace it if possible

It is, of course, hard to find.  The number on the pump body is  619078  which I am told means the oil pump part number is 617671


This form was very helpful to me in a recent search for main bearings for this car - so I am going to the well once again.


What I am looking for is either a replacement pump or a rebuild kit for same.  If anyone has one or can send me in a recommended direction -

it would be most appreciated.




Bill Stanley


number on orig pump.jpg

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Thanks very much for that idea - I also have had success with them in the past.  Amazingly I guy in CA replied that he had one used that was in good condition and it is on its way to me now.  Thanks again for your suggestion


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