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Wanted 1910-12 Kenmore 2 cylinder parts.

just me

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My friend Dave purchased the remains of a 1910-12 two cylinder water cooled Kenmore automobile. The car was manufactured in Chicago IL. It was available water or air cooled.


He has the brass radiator, engine, transmission, oiler, and steering column.


Looking for other missing parts especially a Kenmore chassis.










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  Why don't you try for something easy like the moon rover or something like that? I do have this rear wheel,22",would take a 28x3 clincher tire,about that era or a little earlier. It's a good one with the exception that the outside part of the hub is chipped where the hubcap screws on. It unbolts so it can be removed and brazed up. This one could be used to build a set from. $125 plus shipping. Holler if the guy is interested. Still have to figure out how to get that cowl from your place. 

Take care,

Steve G.



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  If he wants to go this route,33x4 non-demountable clincher rims are the same width,they can be split and rolled down,a piece cut out and welded back together to make the 22" rim. Guys were doing that for their 03 Cadillac projects a few years ago rather than spending big bucks on new ones.



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Old car, he read your post yesterday. Dave contacted the auction company. They promised to forward his contact information to the buyer of the scrap pile. Waiting for the buyer to contact him.


I'm surprised he didn't recognize the frame in the pile. He can find a particular needle in a haystack. I seen him do it at Hershey many times. Especially when I walk past the item I'm looking for. 


Appreciate your reply.




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