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1937 Pontiac Wiring Diagram - Parts


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Hello Everyone,

its been a while since I have been on the forums... now resuming my restoration project after moving to a new home; getting my Garagemahal ready with lights, power, insulated walls and heater etc.. im ready to get back at her..


Attached is a picture from my cars manual (original manuals), and I have all the instructions on how to convert everything from 6V to 12V.. but "some" of the parts, I dont know what they are called - Im am new to all this and so far anytime I am stuck; this AMAZING forum and the members lend a hand.. learning really fast!!


I "think" this is a Fuse Box, or circuit board? I have something like this in one of my storage boxes, but unsure of its history, age, etc.. so I wish to just install new (doesnt have to be same era, but could be).. 

  • also I think I need a Voltage regular? 
  • Im going to using an alternator.. so i have that covered
  • need an instrument lighting switch panel?
  • Horn relay?
  • Stop Light connector?


I have all the wiring ready to go.. found the tail light socket connectors at Rock Auto.. and i have my dome, front lights, all ready done.. Once the body is done, Ill be wiring her up..


thanking you all in advance for the help..


Screenshot_20200322-104143_Samsung Internet.jpg

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The only reason I can think of for converting to 12 volts from 6 volts is if you are planning to install air conditioning.   Otherwise with adequately sized battery cables and a good wiring harness these cars ran and will run fine on 6 volts.   In any case good luck with this project.

Jooe, BCA 33493

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