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L@@K small treasures for sale L@@K

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Take a good look. Tmorsher@icloud.com       All items postage paid to your door.  We have plenty of our standard items , new spring loaded oil can holders in 3 styles, $45......model T .Rajo oil level gauge $165...... model T oil fill extensions $90........the others, just what you see.  A couple of round dash clocks for parts$35.......several header clocks, all cleaned, oiled, ready to mount, one string wind, one stem wind, and the rectangular beauty that’s an 8 day movement $50-125.......really high quality brass swing case clock , omega, $175.... ..original rad. ornament wings, $75.......Mazda bulb protector case for your glove box ,tool box or display$35.......Early tail lamp mounting bracket, Stewart speedo arm mount $35 each, ......original BUICK logo tire gauge, cleaned, lubed, regulated, $80......NOS cigar lighter w/ box. .... heavy ornate brass choke, cutout , or winter front control $35. TAKE A LOOK, OTHER BITS AND BOBS.  Quantity pricing, Please no PMs, or messages here.  The only way to reach me is email ,  tmorsher@icloud.com 


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