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1935 Buick Special 46C-difficulty putting in gas

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I have a 1935 Buick Special 46C.  It has the luggage trunk mounted to the back of the car.  It hangs above the bumper on a platform.

I am having difficulty getting the fuel spout into the gas tank.  I have looked at the platform which holds the trunk with a couple of large

screws and with two large, chrome wing nuts (one on each side).  I am hoping there is a way to swing this forward so I don't have to 

take the entire platform apart and remove the trunk.  Any ideas?


John P. # 50690

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My heart bleeds peanut butter.    My 35-58 is a 5 wheel version which has the spare tire mounted in the back over the rear bumper.  (with metal tire cover ).     It just barely exposes the gas tank for refueling.   Not very easy but Buick engineers obviously never owned  a 1935,  and refueled it.    My gas cap is difficult to open to refuel.    Those who have the trunk shelf,  for extra luggage,  have entry for gas,  have a more difficult time.      You might get a funnel that has a flex hose.    I got a funnel with a long small fixed hose that works.   It just gets by the spare and I shortened it a bit for ease of use.    Lotts a luck.  Other than that,  a very nice car.   My other favorite  Buick is my 1938-46c.   

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I have the same problem with my 1928 Standard.  I have heard that there is an after market extension type kit to move the filler cap to a more accessible location.  I have been looking but have not found one yet.  I carry a funnel with a length of hose attached.

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