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When I removed this switch from my car it was just loosely sitting in the hole in the dash.  Soon I’ll be ready to mount it back in its place but I have no reference as to how it is supposed to be held in place.  Does anyone have any photos of how this Kellogg switch is mounted/held in place in the dash on a 1921/22?


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Also there is a disc shaped resister I believe between terminals 5 and 6. None of the ones I salvaged off of the spares I purchased on the internet look that great.  Anyone know what modern day size resister would work in its place, if any?



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Mark :

 I believe that this Mica faced unit may be the same value as the wire wound unit in my later Delco switch.

I will see what resistance value they are. A modern 1 watt ceramic should take care of it. Mine is for a light dimmer. To me it drops too much current as when in DIM position the filaments in the bulbs are more like the glow of a spent match.  

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