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Martin Winther snowblower - front wheel drive - question from Poland


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I am a modeler from Poland Wink
I collect photo materials for the construction of the Winther-Marwin snow plow truck:





The model will be in 1/35 scale and it is obvious that it will have a lot of simplifications.However, I am intrigued by what the front-wheel drive mechanism looked like.I only have 4 pictures of a plow and other similar constructions, and the dimensions of a truck located at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum:





It seems to me that the mechanism looked similar to Nash-Quad, however in Nash-Quad the drive mechanism is above the axle:








Martin's plow seems to have a mechanism behind (!?) the axle. It is small (or rather big) difference, but I don't know if it could look like that.I've been looking for any photos for several months, but I can't find the answer.Below are few photos on which I base my knowledge (and why I think the driving axle was behind the steering axle):






You have much more experience and knowledge, maybe someone will make me happy with drawing or photography that will explain everything. Of course, my model will be far from reality, but I would like the external appearance to be as close as possible.

Militor 4x4 Truck 1918 A Mroz 247 page.jpg

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