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Peter Gariepy

Help with a stutz 1928 bb black hawk

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From: "jskither" <>

To: <>

Date: 11/20/2002 08:08 PM

Subject: stutz 1928 bb black hawk

Dear Peter,

We are the owners of what we believe to be a 1928 BB Black Hawk Stutz Roadster. We have attached 2 photographs of the vehicle as we are looking for some clarifictaion regarding the restoration of the Stutz, namely are these photographs accurate and is this indeed a 1928 BB Black Hawk Roadster/Speedster. Could you please advise any information you may have on the vehicle or alternatively, provide a contact who may be able to assist further. I am a member of the Stutz Club, but cannot locate my membership number at the present time. Searching through back newsletters I could not locate an e-mail address of the president or newsletter editor to allow me to contact them with this query directly.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer,

Kind regards,

John Kither


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I believe your car is a 1929 Blackhawk roadster. In 1927 & 1928 the word "Blackhawk" was used to describe the 8 cylinder boattail Stutz. In 1929, Stutz came out with a junior "companion car" and named it Blackhawk. Most of these had an overhead cam 6 engine. A few of them had am L head continental 8. The easiest way to tell in a photo is by the lenth of the hood. Your hood appears to be shorter then the 8 clyinder Stutz, thus making it a six cylinder Blackhawk, Look under the hood & let us know. The body on your car was a standard catelogue model that was designed & built by LeBaron. Body should be aluminum. Stutz offered roadsters with a cut down door (like yours) or straight across door in 1929.

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