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1941 Pontiac clutch


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Two suggestions:


1) Send a PM to KornKurt (Kurt Kelsey) here on the forum.

2) California Pontiac Restoration  http://pontiacparts.net/


Or, consider getting your old one relined. This could be pretty inexpensive if you just need the lining replaced. If the pressure plate needs refacing, a good oldschool clutch and brake outfit can probably handle that too. A couple I know of:


1) Brake and Clutch Supply (of Seattle, WA) https://brakeandclutchsupply.com/locations.shtml

2) Brake and Equipment (of Minneapolis MN) https://brakeandequipment.com/machine-shop/


I walked into Brake and Clutch (Seattle) about 3 years ago and dropped off a screwball Buick clutch plate to be relined. I had it back the same day (!).


Throwout bearings and pilot bearings occasionally show up on Ebay, if none of the suppliers turn out to have them.


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Fort Wayne Clutch      https://fortwayneclutch.com/part-category/clutch-friction/


If you only needed a disc any supplier might have one if you don't scare them off by mentioning 1941.  I picked up a disc for my 1930 Pontiac by going in to a local GM dealership, putting my old disc on the counter and asking if they had anything to replace this.  The counter man went away and was back in a couple of minutes with a clutch disk out of a 6 cylinder Camaro from the 70's or 80's.  Hub was the same, diameter was 3/16 larger.  Has worked perfect for years.


Good Luck

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