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Care packages to my daughter Sarah at sea.


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I know this probably doesn't directly have anything to do with Buicks but it does have to do with my Daughter Sarah who was at the 100th in Flint and at least 2 BDE meets over the years. She is a true Buick lover and is currently on an underway aboard the USS San Jacinto with the task force led by the USS Eisenhower. I am very proud of her for so many reasons and she sent me a message the other day saying that since leaving they have not been allowed to touch land. They will probably not see any port visits until at least May so I asked her what she would like me to send in the way of things they might like. Today we went shopping and sent her a couple care packages. Thank goodness they give a discount on military addresses. I used to have a picture of her following me driving my 1955 Buick Special while we were on a poker run. You could see her smile a mile away and she drove that car when ever she had a chance manual steering and brakes no problem. I had planned on making her peanut butter cookies but I got home yesterday afternoon and have to leave today with a load of meat to Indianapolis so no time this time I am home. Maybe next time,


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