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Brake shoe lining and riveting question


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I am getting ready to reline the brakes and emergency brakes on my 1919 Mclaughlin

The original brake show lining material was a woven material. I was wondering the good and bad of going to a  more modern brake lining material

like used in the video  link here


I worry about finding the correct width of woven brake lining and  I am also worried about it tending to unravel at the ends when you put in the rivets.

The other consideration is that the thicnkess of the hubs is not that thick and more modern linings may tear through the original hub material.

I will work on getting pictures

Your insight will be appreciated


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For my brakes and clutches, I've used the Clutch Doctor

40167 Flink Ave, North Branch, MN 55056
(651) 674-4175


Super helpful, great work and prices are crazy reasonable. He may be able to help you out with lining material if you are set on doing the work yourself. I suggest giving him a call and checking on options.



Oops I see a more active copy of this post - I'll repost there and we can let this one die.



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I took this suggestion and was really impressed.  Honest shop, quick return, good quality, good packaging, and prices were very reasonable.  I considered doing it myself but he was more reasonable than buying the materials and tools.  Great recommendation and will be using "The Clutch Doctor" again for future brake work needs.

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Go with the modern day equivalent of woven brake lining. It comes in various sizes to fit just about vintage cars.You can't go wrong..and it won't unravel! 

More folks have had more trouble trying to use a modern type brake lining thinking you'll get better brakes etc...generally not so..


I've been relining my own brakes for 45 years and find it one of the easier jobs to do..

Ask your self.."Am I a send everything possible out to be restored kinda guy or do I want to do as much of the work as possible myself? " 

It's fine either way but this a job every serious old car guy should tackle atleast once!


Look at McMaster Carr for woven friction lining first.

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