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1930 Chevy truck parts


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Hello Tom,


In 1930 There were a couple of suppliers for Chevrolet truck bodies. Hercules was the most prevalent but there was also Martin Perry, and possibly Campbell. 31 was the first actual steel bed so the ones before that were wood. Depending on the manufacturer it may be covered in sheet metal. I know one fellow who has 2 30 roadster pickups. One has a Martin Perry bed and the other has a Campbell.


Are you actually restoring it, or is going to be "other"?.  If truly restored I strongly suggest you check out the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) web site 29 to 32 forum. There is also a section about trucks. The VCCA has many technical advisers and the one for Chevrolet trucks 30 to 33 lives in Texas.


Mechanically the 1/2 ton truck shared many similar parts with the cars which is a good thing because if you know where to look parts are fairly easy to find. Back then trucks were debuted mid year so the cut off for 29 trucks was around June, and had a large oval instrument insert with 3 oval instruments It would have had external bands on the rear brakes. In mid 1930 they switched to the 30 car instrument cluster which had 4 round instruments including a gas gauge. The rear brakes on that model were inside the drum and were adjusted with what would be called "slack adjusters" on semi trucks. 30 had cable front brakes, 29 had rods to all 4 wheels. Send me a PM if you need some help. Art 

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