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Most people here know I have had a desire to own a 1990 select 60. Well, not exactly a select 60 but check it out, I just purchased this car. For you Corvette fans it's a 1964, 327/300 HP #s matching car with a Muncie 4 speed transmission, AM/FM radio, both hard top and soft top in white, trim tag 936/491DE identifies it as correct white car with two tone white/red interior and knock off wheels. The word of the day is thrilled!!🥂🇺🇸😎





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3 minutes ago, padgett said:

Mine was a Split-window FI tanker I raced SCCA but was a long time ago. Nice car & that tach looks like a fun engine. Prefer disk brakes but would not turn down one that nice.

I am going to see how it stops as I have not received the car yet. Should arrive next week. It's an easy enough upgrade to go with disk brakes but then your going away from originality. Tough choice. I will probably add side pipes at some point to. There is a company, made in the USA, that makes 💯 percent perfect reproduction pipes. 

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And rear valences ? Drum brakes work very well as long as they do not get wet. Is that the 365hp 327 with Holley ? (6500 redline is not the 250 hp) - back in the day we used to look first at the fender emblem (FI is different) and then the redline to see which engine it had.


Twere me I'd ask Dan Short if he still makes that split window hardtop for a roadster.

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Thanks Buicknutty. I really think if Buick would have built a select 60 in the 1960's it would have looked very similar to this car. I have thought the 1990 select 60 is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Oh, this one is a stick, Buick would have probably given it an automatic transmission. 🤔

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