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Steve Moskowitz


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To our valued members:

The AACA and its affiliates are monitoring issues related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as abiding by the CDC and other governmental agency recommendations. Our members are our utmost concern and we will make notifications as necessary should our events or operations be affected in any way.
The AACA office and Library is now back to work in the building but due to Covid and a consolidation of all staff to the library portion of our building by June 30 we are keeping the building locked and not allowing guests for the time being.  We will be monitoring the CDC guidelines along with the Governor's mandates as we maneuver through these troubling times.  We will make changes to our operations based upon the safety of our staff and guests alike as circumstances allow. 
There WILL be some disruption of our services to members as we are already dealing with materials stored in 7 locations in town.  A lot of items are simply buried in storage lockers until we move into the new building.  Our staff is working under very difficult condition's with a move out by the 30th, working in temporary locations, learning a complex new phone system (which when we learn it, it will be GREAT) and migrating to a new IT company by June 30th.  We packed years of work into a few months.  Please bear with us as we navigate this unusual time.
AACA National Board of Directors, Steve and the Entire Team
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