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How about some drive-thru pics?


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It's spring, gas is cheap, and I'm supposed to stay away from everyone.  That sounds like a great reason to take the car out for a drive, doesn't it?


Around here the only coffee shops that are open are those that have drive-thru pickup, so how about posting photos of your visit to the drive -thru?  It's a good way to support your local coffee shop and you'll also brighten up the day of the person in the window.  Here are pictures of our outing today.  Maybe next time I'll take the other car.  Left hand drive works a little better at the order board.





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This was last Sunday:

A most pleasurable task was accomplished today. I woke my Model T up from its’ winter nap and prepared it for the coming driving season.My son stepped right up and offered to take it for a shakedown cruise. I planned on being the copilot until the queen of their household pulled rank on me. Needless to say Grandpa was a pushover! Veronica is looking forward to learning to drive a Model T when she is tall enough.



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