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So when the weather was a little nicer here in Michigan this past fall, we took the Zephyr for a short ride.  Unfortunately, most of the hub caps became unsecured from the wheels and commenced to rolling every which way.  My nine-year-old son got a kick out of it but I was a little dismayed that my adjustments were not successful.  Good thing we weren't going fast!  Can anyone recommend how to better secure the caps to the wheels?  I played around with the rim clamps but I am not sure what method to employ for success.  Once I get the carburetor rebuilt this spring, I am hoping to go cruising again!

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 Give em a good wack with the soul of your rubber soled shoe or the palm of your hand above each mounting clip. I assume this is on the 38? I have only had two 38 LZs. Theres a large stud pattern and small stud pattern wheel , both use same type of  hubcap mounting pins, non adjustable. If the pin  heads are in reasonable condition and hubcaps are not out of round, they will stay on!. 

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