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90-91 steering wheel needed


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I'm about to get some interior trim pieces for myself and check on some parts for others on Friday. The interior is Sandlewood (tan) and the steering wheel is already detached if you want me to check on the price for you. The column is unusable, as whoever was taking it out rushed through it.

Alternatively, there is a cor wheel cover sold at Advance & Pep Boys which is a Super-Wide wheel cover in leather. It matches the interior of the tans GREAT and comes with pre-waxed thread and needle. Takes a bit to put on (about an hour if I remember correctly), but only costs $15 and is a nice alternative to the cheap wheel covers or replacing the original.

Let me know if you want me to check the price/condition at the one I'm looking at Friday.

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I recommend American Stitches (888-403-3403) ask for Toni.

I have had two wheels done there and several other Reatta owners have also. The finished wheel is better than new. Their list price is $189.00 and they pay return shipping. I attempted to work a "deal" for Reatta owners, but anyone can get $10 off if they tell Toni that Barney Eaton sent them.

They also started doing gear shift knobs but I have not seen a completed one nor do I know the price.

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