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1958 Packard wagon in CT Craigslist

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On 3/19/2020 at 9:16 AM, Matt Harwood said:

I love wagons and I love weird stuff, so I obviously love this Packard.

That said, it might also be the flat-out homeliest car ever created. It's like the three blind men tasked with identifying an elephant were also assigned to build a car. The wildly oversized fins, the tacked-on headlight pods, the curiously anti-sporty hood scoop, the catfish grille, and, of course, the price tag that seems to have misplaced a decimal point...




Nevertheless, I can see it in pink being a show-stopper about $120,000 from now.



I dig it!  I restored a supercharged Hawk, these cars are very different in appearance compared to anything else out there.  

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