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1930 DeSoto CF differential parts needed


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I'm looking for these parts for a 1930 DeSoto. Parts from a Dodge, Plymouth, or Chrysler might also fit. 

I would consider a third member or complete differential.  Another member suggested that CK, SC , SA, SM and Plymouth  Late U , PA ,PB  used same rears components 

Minimum needed would be 1 spider gear, 2 conical washers, and one shaft.

Thanks for your consideration.


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You guys are really helpful. I'm getting so many replies I'm having a hard time keeping up. Really thankful for your help. 

13 hours ago, keiser31 said:

have a rear end from a 1931 Chrysler CM6 if it is of any help for parts.

I'll check and get back to you. My pumpkin bolts to the housing with 10 bolts. Has an 8 tooth pinion and 35 tooth ring gear. 10 spline axles. 

Just contacted a guy in Georgia that thinks he might have parts. Am waiting for his call. If not I will let you know. 

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Hi Fossil,

 Before you start shipping axles and differentials around the country, you and the others will need to check sizes and dimensions carefully.

  I speak from experience, because the complete differential pumpkin had been removed from the rear axle of my 1926 Model G70 Chrysler and then lost by the previous owner. I found locally, a 31 model CM axle and a BIG  brake drummed axle that I think was from a 29 Imperial, they both have 10 bolts holding the pumpkin and rear covers to the axle housing, but none of the 3 are interchangeable due to different axle sizes.

 I then bought what I thought was a correct axle in Montreal Canada 6 years ago. I visited my sister in 2014 and collected the axle, horror of horrors , it was again a different size. It looked right but was nowhere near, it appeared to be a 1928 model 65 axle which  I managed to resell  at cost.

 I then bought a G70 axle in Md and brought the diff pumpkin home. Upon stripping it, 2 of the spider gears, same as yours, had missing teeth where the car had been dragged with a siezed gearbox. I had to buy another complete axle from Australia, to build one axle from the two, and with shipping costs and duty I now have a $4000+ USD axle.

  I recommend you measure the outer diameter of the broken gear, its width and the shaft size that they run on. It may be wise to also give measurements of the other spider gears and also look for any casting or other numbers on the housings that you took apart to remove the broken gears.  Also do an accurate drawing of the 10 bolt pattern. 

FYI your axle has a 4,3:1 ratio, the CM has a 4,6:1 ratio. The parts book shows that the CM6 and CD8 may have the same spider gears but are the Desoto the same and interchangeable??

 Good luck in your searching


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Wow you really went through a lot of trials find what you needed. Unbelievable. 

I visited with AMS Obsolete and they were very helpful. Great people. They were able to give me the Chrysler parts numbers I need. Doing a search with those numbers I think (fingers crossed) a source for the parts has been found. Should know tomorrow for sure. 

This differential uses an 8 tooth pinion and 35 tooth ring gear. 16 tooth side gears and 10 tooth spiders on a 3/4" shaft. 

Still optimistic that I will find the parts. 

Thanks for posting your information.

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