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Restore Dash Gauges

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   Does anyone know a good source to restore "dash gauges?"  I am restoring a 1933 Franklin Olympic Coupe - 18A.  Need all gauges restored as to working and faces repainted.  Specially need gas gauge repaired and fuel tank  pickup unit repair or replaced.  Also looking for a good, reliable upholstery shop - one that deals in antique cars.  Have had bad luck so far here in Soc Cal.

   Coupe is currently torn down to frame.  Am repairing and putting back together now.  I am in Southern California, but looking nationwide.  Any leads I can check would be greating appreciated.

Frank (909) 296-0980



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I am looking at the car wrap guys to see if we can cover the faces with a high quality wrap. these could be printed on sheets and applied by the user.

Stay tuned.

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Not yet but now have the printed sheets on paper to size. now I need to find someone that can print the wrap. I could also print on transfer and paint the dials and apply.

Just finished painting the dash. very long process and frustrating as it took many times to get it right. I would guess 30 to 40 hrs total.


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