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I had to retire a car tonight


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My 89 Crown Vic has too much frame rust to continue to drive it daily,I was hoping to get one more year from it but its not going to happen.   Since I just got the tags updated it will be used in emergencies and then when the tags expire it will go behind the garage and be used for parts,it was hard to stop driving it since everything still worked except for the power locks and would like to find another that needs a engine.   It was sold to me having 110,000 miles and kind of looked like it on the outside but the interior looked to have never been sat in and the frame still had most of the original paint and now think it only had 10,000 miles and no one knew it,the heated windshield was its down fall since that was great in the winter.


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7 hours ago, Lebowski said:

Do you still have the F150 that you drove over here several times? If not then what will your daily driver be now?

Yes I still have that truck but it has a rusty frame too,picked up a rolling F250 frame that will be going under it this spring along with a rust free bed and front fenders. Right now I will be driving my 65 Custom 500.


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18 hours ago, Rusty_OToole said:

I've got a 92 Crown Vic with 88000 km ( 55000 miles) that has a rusty frame. Have kept it around for 3 years, hate to scrap it, it looks and drives like a new car. So far have not found a use for it or the parts.

The problem with those newer versions is you need almost the same vehicle to use the parts in,the 302 in my 89 can be used in alot of other models with minor changes but might have problems finding a decent body so it could get parted out.

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Sorry to see the end of the line for your Crown Vic.

What goes on with these cars that people love them so much?


My son has a 2009 Crown Vic P-71...and he loves it! 

The car was 'rescued' from the Kernville (CA) PD Probation Department.

We don't have the rust issues here in SoCal; its one of the few benefits of living here.


And then Ford just up and stops making them.  Go figure!


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As indicated before not much frame rust problems around here (west side of the mountains in Wa. and Or.). Selection down because of Covid19 this seems to be the only deal around Seattle right now. Sounds like the characteristic torque converter chatter.Transmission might not have been serviced in over thirty years!


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