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I have an unrestored 1931 Desoto sedan with 32000 miles for sale. I’m second owner. Whole car, not just engine. Drove it in college and parked it in 1984. Always heated garage. PM me if interested. 
Thanks, Ron 

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Another case of too much time on my hands (it's drizzling here)...

Which 30 DeSoto engine???...the 1929/early 30 K 3x41/2 174.95 (depression hadn't really got started, that's a little engine) or the late 30 31/8x41/8???

That little one seems yo've been an orphan, but a similar b/s taking the same head gasket shows up for the larger one in a 30 Chrysler CJ, a Dodge 30 DD and some unidentified Dodge trucks...in case he needs to broaden his search, is it the same engine, a pull-out drop-in interchange, ot just similar but not similar enough??...

So many questions, so little time...











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