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Other Stained Glass Questions,regarding copyright,etc

Rich Morton

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Good afternoon all, As some of you may have seen in another thread, Our Chapter is trying to have a stained glass Tri Shield made, to raffle off at the National Meet in the Cleveland area this summer.

I have found a company in our area willing to do this for us.

Several questions were asked,so I am once again looking for input from this group. 

The main question was whether or not this is copyrighted. I have not been able to find that answer,so here I am....any one know the correct answer ?

The other question is the size of the piece. Since I did not have the dimensions of the pieces made before, my idea was 15 to 18 inches in diameter would be a good size.

In addition, the artist asked how many we need made. My response was ,so far we only talked about having one to raffle, but depending on the quote given,we may do more than that,and I may also want one or two for the same purpose,or for my own collection. 

I also mentioned that people here ,or on other web based platforms may also want one,and once a solid quote to create them is given, interest could be gauged and passed on . Obviously , I don't think it would be in the best interest of our chapter to have too many available to others,and reduce the interest for those attending the Meet in July, thus reducing the number of raffle tickets we are able to sell. As far as I know at this point in time,we would only be selling the chance for this at the Meet on July 15-18.I will know more after our next organizational meeting this coming Friday evening.

Any input from you all is appreciated. Attached is the picture of the ones made in the past.

Thank you, Rich Mortontrishield.jpg


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The BCA By- laws indicate that the Club has to approve all uses of the Buick Logos.  It used to be that these approvals  were initiated by sending your request to the BCA office.  I imagine from there the office would send it to the BCA board for a motion and approval. 

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