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1928 Chrysler Paint Colors

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I believe everything on the bottom side were also black.The body colors can be found on the color library site ( autocolorlibrary.com ).

Look up 1928 Chrysler and look at the IM number ( inter mix number  ) They had all the IM color chips scanned in and are great folks to work with.


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Hi Leomara, did you take the plunge and buy the rough model 72 roadster that I put up a while ago, when you were looking for a car?

 You are asking about colors, autocolorlibrary only go back to 1930. There are lots of pictures of 1928 model 72 roadsters on the internet if you look at images, however some of these color combinations I can't believe were original.

 As 28 Chrysler says, on most Chryslers of this era, the frame and virtually everything underneath was a satin black, incl  radiator core, starter and Genny. 

 The 1928 Chrysler 6 cyl engines I think were black including the clutch housing and gearbox. Heads were red on redhead models and silver on standard heads.

  According to info I was given by the WPC club, some 40 years ago, the 1928 4 cyl  engines were facebrick red/brown including the head,  but the clutch housing, bellhousing  and gearbox were black.

  Now for body colors, According to George Dammans book "70 years of Chrysler" both the model 72, standard and sport roadsters, came out with some interesting color combinations. Referring to the sport roadster with the interesting color insert below the beltline, he says the fenders were a matching color to the body insert color ! interesting. I would think the frame and underneath of the car would have been black to speed production, but it is possible the underneath may have been specially ordered to match the fenders and insert color. 

 FYI,  I had remains of 2, 1928 Chrysler 52 tourers, both with some remaining original paint on them, the one with color inserts, (picture  I have attached below,) had a Dawn Grey body (slightly lighter than 28 ford) with royal blue insert, the beltline was black with a post office red pinstripe along the middle of the beltline molding. The other phaeton without the color insert was a light dove grey with black beltrail molding and the red pinstripe was about 1/2 an inch BELOW the beltrail molding. The Fenders, running board aprons, radiator apron, hood latch boards and steering column tube were all black, the dashboard was mainly black except for the area around the guages that were painted body color. Hope this helps Regards Viv.






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Hi viv w, no I don't think I bought your car, the car I bought is a former Harrah's collection vehicle which was sold back in 1975 and not restored.  A restoration was started but not completed.  I'm trying to bring myself up to speed for the task, my prior experience is in Ford's of which much is written and documented.  Chrysler's not so much.  The most mysterious things so far are the Lockheed external hydraulic brakes and the Penberthy carburetors.  I need information!

Stay well.

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The blue car was repainted the original colors.  This is an auction photo and I don't know how doctored the photo was was or how well they matched the colors. They may have gone slightly brighter for higher bids.

Mexican Turquoise was used by Chrysler from the first year along with Moonstone Blue ( almost black ) on many cars.

For 1928 they came out with brighter colors Sarasota Blue maybe was one of them. 


For those who would like to look at the old colors at the Auto Color Library website, click on older vehicles, coaches & carriages then the IM or intermix to bring up the color chips.

The colors are not perfect but will give you an idea.


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On 3/16/2020 at 11:45 AM, 28 Chrysler said:

Satin black for the frame, radiator, headlight bar and tail light bracket. Fenders are black ($10 extra for body color). Engine block is black with a silver or red head.

The body colors had  standard colors depending on the different Model and body styles.

Engine color avocado. 


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