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EBay working 1989


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It is the time. 21 years ago my father purchased a yellow car for me as a 16 year old... And I loved it. Two years ago I purchased another 1989 maserati for my teenage boys to drive for an affordable price. Now they are in college, I need to put the $80/month for car insurance towards their college. 

I love this car, how the world (mainly my cell phone) disappears when the sun shines and wind in my hair feels. How I get complements and inquires everywhere I go. However,  I need to list for financial reasons. Today I put my car for sale on EBay. Check it out on https://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Maserati-TC/233528555628?pageci=9be1de56-df7a-4ebb-b5ea-c5f7f3ef982c


I put on ebay local pickup only, but if interested, let me know and we may be willing to drive to you and fly home. I may have to drive to denver anyways with the current events. 

And I am grateful to get another one day because of this club. Thank you!


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