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Trying to determine year for this Chalmers touring car

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The person selling this Chalmers says he was told it was a 17. I believe it to be a 7 passenger touring car as he said it has 3 rows of seats, with the 3rd row in between "little seats". It looks to be a ram horn engine which to me says 1918. The Hugh Chalmers book says. Engines equipped with these devices were known as Hot Spot motors, the first of which were introduced on the 1917 Model 35-C SPEEDSTER and the 1918 Model 35-B SPECIAL. All models built after these two were equipped with Hot Spot motors. What year do you all think this Chalmers is?


From the tables in the book, it looks to me that even though 1918 and up models had Hot Spot engines, the horsepower wasn't as high as the horsepower on the 1917 speedster engine. Is this correct?


Thank you in advance for your help.







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