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WTB 1939 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Fuel Pump.


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There are new reproductions of those fuel pumps, and the Ford ones are interchangable with Lincoln.  Ole Henry did use the same parts on either vehicles at times, at least internally.  You can get them with the glass bowl which lets you see if you're getting gas from the tank.  I have an electric booster fuel pump in my fuel line to help get the gas to the carb quicker.  It's mounted under the chassis in the gas line from the tank.   And don't forget to put in a good fuel filter to help get the junk from the tank out of the gas going to the carb.  You can find rebuilt pumps and get kits to rebuild them, but it's hardly worth the trouble.  The biggest problem with fuel pumps if when the diaphram in the pump leaks gas into the oil.  They all eventually breakdown with the old style of pumps.  Good Luck!

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The fuel pump you need has metal cap, and is standard Ford  V-8.. repros are off shore and questionable--  look on ebay,  You need to rebuild any pump

you find at least changing the diaphragm to accept modern fuel, because it will eat the original material...



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